Clapham Common Gateway

clapham common gateway

After a long process of planning, design, public consultation and planning permission we are pleased to announce the Clapham Common Gateway project is expected to begin delivery soon.

Clapham based architects Methodic Practice came up with the winning design to improve the green space behind Clapham Common Underground Station. The aim of the project was to create a new gateway feature into the Common and make it an attractive dwelling space in the centre of Clapham and to claim back part of the busy High Street.

Last year 10 million people used Clapham Common Station. We therefore want to retain and enhance the existing green space by combining carefully selected surfacing materials to accommodate the heavy footfall and ensure the grass continues to thrive throughout the site.
You can download the winning design idea here Clapham Common Gateway.

This is Clapham have already installed uplighting in seven trees on this space as part of the plan to create a new focal point in the centre of Clapham. You can read information about the lighting project here.

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