Art-K Clapham

40 North Street, London, SW4 0HD

We believe that art brings together communities because art is its own language, accessible to everyone.

With over 30 clubs across England and over 2000 students being tutored weekly, we’re creating a community of creatively-minded individuals who share your passion and curiosity for art.

We go beyond the classroom by inviting students to take part in yearly exhibitions, offer opportunities to participate in national art-K events and share local art-related news. Our aim is to connect our students to the art world and show them the wonders it beholds!

The Clapham studio is run by Zoë. Following a degree in Studio art Zoë found her passion for teaching whilst living in Cambodia for 4 years. Zoe’s practice is varied; she loves to experiment with new mediums (practical and digital) but always enjoys going back to her roots in drawing, with a whimsical twist.

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xmas raffle

Clapham community christmas raffle

This year VSM wants to go further by creating a new local community Christmas raffle enabling local businesses and organisations to support this community raffle and event. VSM has applied to administer a Small Society Lottery (raffle) and has invited two charities based in Clapham SW4 to receive proceeds from the raffle – they are Ace of Clubs and Royal Trinity Hospice.