Longview Economics is an independent research boutique based in London. We provide three distinct yet related groups of research products: i) Trading Recommendations; ii) Investment Recommendations; & iii) Global Macro Analysis.

Longview was founded in 2003 by Chris Watling (CEO & Chief Market Strategist). The company developed out of his deep & prolonged interest in financial markets and how they are affected by global economic events. Over the last decade Longview has developed a diverse client base that includes: Financial Institutions; Hedge Funds; Fund of Funds Managers; Brokerage Houses; Private Banks; IFAs; Private Wealth Managers; Family Offices; and Asset Managers. We serve clients in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. Both Chris and Harry Colvin (Director & Senior Economist) speak at conferences and events across the globe, engaging with a broad variety of macro and markets perspectives.

Our research publications form the core of our services. They are the product of a differentiated research philosophy that incorporates focused analysis of contemporary markets events with unique proprietary models and an understanding of the theoretical economic factors affecting global financial markets. As a result of our different way of thinking about markets & economics and of the efficacy of our proprietary models we are confident in our ability to successfully contradict consensus views in both our analysis and our recommendations.

We publish a number of track records in order to enable our clients to monitor the performance of our recommendations. This careful tracking of our recommendations is also a key part of our work to continually improve our understanding & awareness of macro and markets.

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