2020 Media

Spectrum House Bromells Road, London

Our motto is “Small Enough to Care, Large Enough to Cope”. This means that you will always get a personal service from knowledgeable people and you will always be treated as a valued client rather than just another customer.

2020Media is a UK company focused on delivering excellent Web Hosting, Broadband and related services. Formed in 1999, we’re an established company, with thousands of satisfied customers. Past and present clients include Barratt Homes PLC, Age Concern, County Councils and Government Departments – along with many, many small and medium size businesses.

Desk Space to Rent
We have a desk to rent in our office in Bromells Road.

Available now. Fibre Internet provided.
Landline/Furniture available if you need it.
Low monthly Rent, no long term commitment needed.

Please call Rex on 0370 321 2020 weekdays for more info.

Monday-Friday 9:30-6pm
0800 035 6364

Rear Admiral isaac Smith

Isaac Smith (1752–1831)

Isaac Smith (1752–1831) was a Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy and cousin of Captain James Cook. On 28 April 1770 he became the first European to set foot on eastern Australian soil.