3H, Clapham North Art Centre, Unit 26-32, 26-32 Voltaire Rd, SW4 6DH

Discover your inner Athlete at Gymnasium Clapham.

Bid farewell to uninspiring runs, cramped gyms and workout programmes that bring you down with unattainable goals and unrealistic expectations.

Just like the ancient Greeks, they believe that everybody is an athlete – and gyms should be a communal experience to keep mind and body healthy in a supportive and friendly environment.

Whether you’re into CrossFit or just want to get fit, Gymnasium can help, along with a supportive bunch of fellow athletes.

Gymnasium in Clapham’s newly redesigned gym has been kitted out with the best. From lightweight to heavyweight, they can help you tailor your workout to fit your goals.

Fees are simple – one single rate per month for either Gymnasium Clapham | CrossFit and Gymnasium Clapham | Athletica.

Why not pop around for a free trial or give Gymnasium a call to chat about your goals.


Monday 6am–9pm Tuesday 6am–9pm Wednesday 6am–9pm Thursday 6am–9pm Friday 6am–9pm Saturday 8am–12:30pm Sunday 10am–12pm