BAMA London

St Peter's Church Clapham Manor Street,

The Boado Academy of Martial Arts based in Clapham, South London offers a unique, multi-faceted approach to martial arts consisting of Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Weapon Fighting, Kali Silat, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Sifu Chris Boado is the head instructor for all the Striking Arts at BAMA. He is a BSc Sports Science Graduate and Advanced Level 3 Personal trainer who trains a vast variety of professionals, athletes and personal training students. Professionally supervised and instructed by Sifu Chris Boado, you will vastly improve your fitness and learn how to defend yourself effectively.

An Ex National Kickboxing Champion, he now specialises in teaching the arts of JKD, FMA, KALI SILAT, BJJ and MUAY THAI. Qualified under the Late Sifu Dave Carnell and Guru Cass Magda he began training in 2000 and has been instructing since 2009.

Classes are as follows


530-630 BAMA kids striking

7-8 adult boxing



530-630 BAMA kids Striking

7-8 BJJ



530-630 BAMA kids striking

7-8 Boxing

8-9 Thai boxing & JKD

8-9 BJJ

9-10 Kali/Silat

Sat 12-130pm in fitness first Clapham junction Station.


07751 813956

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john o'farrell may contain nuts

John O’Farrell – May Contain Nuts

‘May Contain Nuts’ is a funny, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny book. It starts out as a farce,  an almost biting satire on ridiculously competitive urban upper middle class parents hot-housing their children into Prokofiev appreciation and contract bridge, children scheduled, tutored and stimulated; never left alone to do ‘whatever’, never let go.