Small Grant for Clapham Manor Street Residents Group

In recognition of the work done by Clapham Manor Street residents to increase planting and improve the look of the street, This is Clapham has provide a small grant of £100 towards the resident organisation to support their work.

After seeing the success of other planting projects nearby, Clapham Manor Street residents decided to get together and improve their street.

Work included painting walls, new plant troughs and previously neglected flower beds brought to life with plants bought by residents. The tree pits were built entirely voluntarily with recycled decking by a Clapham Manor Street resident.

Other residents in the area have become self sufficient in planting the tree pits and watering them throughout the seasons.

Local residents Sam Pickett stated “with the funding from the Clapham BID, we have purchased plants to top up last summer’s stock and have already seen that five of the eight beds created are being cared for and re-planted by local residents.”

“In future, it would be great to have more planting / watering evenings and continue the sense of community spirit on the street to encourage other Clapham Manor residents to look after these mini street gardens.”

As part of This is Clapham’s commitment to the local community small grants of up to £200 are available for community focused programmes within the BID area. Contact This is Clapham for more details.


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