30 years of Eco

Our beloved Eco turned 30 last month, celebrating in style with a visit to the original menu and the prices to match! We had a chat with the family about where it all began and their time in Clapham.

It all started in Brixton in 1989 when the keys where handed over to Sami and Laura Wasif for franco Manca and it was a hit from the get go with queues around the block. They then decided to move Franco Manca to Clapham and then onto opening what we now now as ECOinto a site that was originally Morley’s Chicken. in 1993. Sami was among the first to bring authentic sourdough pizzas to the UK, and still uses the same authentic recipe he first witnessed over half a century ago in his native Egypt.

When naming their new venture the name Eco came from a film that was actually showing at the Clapham Picturehouse at the time called “The Name of the Rose” written by Umberto Eco Italian medievalist, philosopher, semiotician and code breaker. a huge favourite of the Wasif family.

When the Wasif family decided to move to Clapham it was a completely different place then Infernos was called Sinatra’s and had the area was unrecognisable as it is now!

Some of the fsvourite memories of the Eco family was when they first opened they didnt have a full alcohol licence and Laura was very strict keeping a tight ship on guests at Eco. it was very much a community even back then with a family feel and a lot of the staff were creatives, actors, writers bringing a party atmosphere with loud music and party vibe very different to what it is today!

Eco has continued to keep the family feel to its premises with the expansion happening in to merge both venues and fondly remember when Covid hit the local community in Clapham rallied round and really supported Eco when they began to sell breads and traditional foods to adapt and weather the storm of how Covid had impacted the High Street.

Eco continues to evolve and adapt to an everchanging Clapham but still strives to keep at its core the family feel and that relaxed environment for its customers with that alongside good food and a friendly Anglo-Italian with roots in Egypt.

Here’s to another 30 years of ECO!

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