89 Landor Road Stockwell London SW9 9RT

Archie | Agnes is a London Pet Boutique with a grooming spa, daycare facilities and designer products, catering for both canine and feline.

Our boutique stocks mainly British based designers. These products use sustainable and ethically sourced materials, reducing the environmental impact of their production methods as well as being fashionable, unique and striking. Our designers vary is style; from traditional to ultra modern. We stock collars and leads, beds, toys, food and treats.

We are able to give your pet the ultimate pampering and grooming experience at our luxurious flagship shop and pet spa in Stockwell. Our groomers offer an exclusive selection of bespoke services and indulgent spa treatments to ensure that your precious companion looks and feels their very best.

Please see below for all our products, designers, grooming and spa information as well as our daycare facilities.

9am to 6pm Monday to Friday
020 7274 5577

Guillaume Apollinaire L’Émigrant de Landor Road

Guillaume Apollinaire

Apollinaire is considered one of the foremost poets of the early 20th century.  He is credited with coining the term “cubism” in 1911 to describe the emerging art movement and the term “surrealism” in 1917 to describe the works of Erik Satie. The term Orphism (1912) is also his.