North St. Deli

26 North Street Clapham, London SW4 0HB
Established in 2003.
North St. Deli provides salads and sandwiches inspired by world cuisine. We fuse techniques and ingredients to bring you fresh flavours everyday.
Our Italian coffee beans make for the best Lattes and Flat Whites in Clapham.
As an independent retailer we are able to cater to individual needs.
We are fast · fresh · delicious, call or email for catering!
Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm
020 7978 1555

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john o'farrell may contain nuts

John O’Farrell – May Contain Nuts

‘May Contain Nuts’ is a funny, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny book. It starts out as a farce,  an almost biting satire on ridiculously competitive urban upper middle class parents hot-housing their children into Prokofiev appreciation and contract bridge, children scheduled, tutored and stimulated; never left alone to do ‘whatever’, never let go.