Lambeth licencing policy

Lambeth are consulting on a draft of the Lambeth Licensing Policy. Every 5 years the Council is required to refresh and publish a Licensing Policy.

The Licensing Policy is due for renewal and they are consulting on a draft version. Lambeth would like your feedback. There is a short summary of some of the changes that may affect your business below.


The draft Licensing Policy sets out the expectations of the Council, as the licensing authority for Lambeth, and provides guidance for applicants for new licences or variations to existing licences (for example, where an increase in hours is being requested). Existing premises licences are not affected unless a variation is being applied for or where a licence comes to review, in which case the new policy will apply.

Lambeth would like to hear your views by completing their online survey below where you will have the opportunity to upload a document for longer responses.


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