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The Big Shift Business Parklet programme goes live today after a successful pilot project in Clapham Old Town. Lambeth Council is inviting businesses to apply for their very own parklet to give them more space, raise their visibility or create new cycle storage space to attract new customers.

The Big Shift Business Parklet scheme is open to businesses, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), private organisations, schools, and charities who want to apply for their own kerbside space to improve their local area.

The parklets can be used for a variety of uses from creating more space for the business, to adding outdoor seating and tables, creating a community hub and attract new customers. They would be established in the kerbside – the space between the road and pavement – to provide extra outdoor commercial space.

How it works:

  1. Complete business parklet expression of interest form – which includes submitting rough designs and a neighbourhood support form.
  2. Shortlisting process by the Council
  3. Apply for table and chairs/ pavement licence (where necessary)
  4. Shortlisted businesses provide their detailed designs
  5. Traffic order and relevant audits completed by Lambeth Council
  6. Build
  7. Businesses maintain the parklet through its lifespan and arrange removal when necessary.

The Council will support shortlisted applicants through the process, including advice on licencing and elements of the design and will support with the costs towards:

  • Traffic Order costs
  • Road safety audit
  • Officer time
  • Signs and lines

Businesses are encouraged to be creative and innovative to transform the kerbside. The costs payable by the business:

  • Supply/leasing of the parklet platform & installation. Parklets can come in various forms, sizes and materials so prices can also vary. Prices can start from £5K and above.
  • Items such as planters, barriers and seating
  • Maintenance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Apply for a tables and chairs licence (where required)
  • Removal/replacement at the end of the parklet’s life

Businesses may apply for a parklet individually or as a collective in their location.

The opportunity to apply will be open until the 1st of April with two shortlisting windows on the 12 January and 1 April 2024.

For information on shortlisting criteria and how to apply, visit

For any questions, please contact

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