The Clapham Night Hub

The Clapham Night Hub is located at the Methodist Church on Clapham High Street and is open every Friday and Saturday nights. The Hub was set up in December 2012 by the Clapham Methodist Church, with the enthusiastic support of Reverend Norman Grigg.

Whilst the vast majority of people who spend time in Clapham at the weekends make their way home safely the Hub provides a safe haven for vulnerable people and those with minor injuries. It offers somewhere safe for people to seek shelter, have a cup of tea and get help if they’ve become separated from friends, or need assistance.

It is staffed by a team of volunteers from the local community and qualified medical staff . On average the Hub will see about 10 people each weekend. It is funded by This is Clapham BID with support from the Clapham Methodist Church who provide the facility and employ a volunteer coordinator.

Its broader function in helping people to get home safely also prevents many people from becoming victims of crime and in particular it plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of vulnerable individuals.

A report commissioned by the Portman Group estimated that the Clapham Hub saves the NHS £80k in reduced ambulance callouts and visits to A&E. For more information please download the report.

As well as being a safe haven, the Hub has expanded to become a location to coordinate local services. On Friday nights the Police and the Safer London Partnership hold security briefings with local businesses that seeks to coordinate issues around crime and anti-social behaviour.

If you would like more information about the Hub please contact This is Clapham BID.