Clapham Shopping Bag

Clapham Shopping bag

This is Clapham is working in partnership with homelessness charity Ace of Clubs to help improve the lives of homeless people on the streets of Clapham. The bag features elements of the Clapham Cultural Map produced by designer Jenni Sparks and placed them onto an organic cotton shopping bag.

The bag retails in shops across Clapham with a donation going towards local homelessness charity Ace of Clubs. The bags will be available to purchase from Ace of Clubs charity shop in Clapham Park Road and other retailers in Clapham. It is also available to purchase via our online shop –

The number of people sleeping on the streets in London has doubled over the last five years and it is not an issue that can be easily solved. This is Clapham feels that it is preferable to give money to homeless charities like Ace of Clubs, rather than give to directly to people on the streets, so people can get the professional help they need and access the various services available to them.

An further option is to buy a meal ticket for £1 from the Ace of Clubs shop on Clapham Park Road,  which can be given to people living on the streets.  This will get them one free meal and hep them access services provided by Ace of Clubs.

Ace of Clubs offers a warm welcome for those who are homeless, vulnerable and socially isolated in Clapham. At their centre on St Alphonsus Road they provide for the immediate needs of those in desperate circumstances with safe shelter, food, warmth, clothing, laundry and showers.

The team at Ace of Clubs is skilled and focused in linking people in with a wide range of services including accommodation, welfare, rehab, training, healthcare and many others.

More information about Ace and information on how to donate or get involved is available from their website –

The Clapham shopper is currently available to buy at –

  • Ace of Clubs
  • Moens
  • Hoxton Fruit and Veg
  • Today’s  Living
  • Clapham Leisure Centre
  • Clapham Books
  • Wandsworth Oasis
  • Sass and Belle

Please contact This is Clapham if you are local business interested in stocking the Clapham Shopper.