Clapham’s Top Recyclers

This is Clapham works in partnership with First Mile and provides our members with a subsidised free or significantly reduced rate recycling services to businesses in Clapham and currently have over 140 businesses using this service.

First Mile has recognised five businesses with gold star ratings for their recycling achievements.

The Alexandra Pub comes top with a recycling rate of 94% of all waste produced by using mixed, food, cardboard and glass recycling streams. Only 6% of waste generated is disposed as general waste by First Mile.

Leh Chalo came second recycling 93% of waste by using mixed, food, tins and glass recycling streams.

Charles Sinclair and The Tanning Shop both recycle 91% of their waste using mixed, cardboard and confidential waste recycling streams.

The Bobbin came fifth by recycling 90% of their waste by using mixed, glass and food waste recycling services.

Charles Sinclair made a huge jump this year from only recycling 50% last year they have now introduced the confidential waste services and general and now recycle nearly all waste.

For any businesses not currently taking advantage of this service please read the information on our website or contact us.

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