Waste and Recycling

This is Clapham provides all its members with a free recycling service with its partners First Mile. The services helps create a clean and sustainable business environment, support businesses save money on waste and recycling services and consolidate the number of service vehicles entering Clapham to reduce levels of air pollution.

Each business, depending on its size receives a free allocation of recycling bags and/or cardboard stickers paid for by the This is Clapham BID.  Once the free allocation has been used, businesses can order further services from First Mile at a discounted rate. Below is the cost for additional services –

Cost of services provided by First Mile, which includes a discount for BID members and excludes VAT. Please be aware that prices fluctuate and the below information is a guide only.

  • Mixed Recycling Sack: £1.18
  • Cardboard Recycling Sticker: £1.50
  • General Rubbish Sack: £1.58
  • Small Food Sack 2.5kg – £0.63
  • Medium Food Sack 5kg – £1.22
  • Medium Paper Sack 5kg – £0.89
  • Medium Glass Sack 5kg – £1.35
  • Tins and Cans Sack 5kg – £1.35
  • Single Use Plastics Sack 5kg – £1.35
  • Compostables Sack 5kg – £1.35
  • Coffee Cup Sack 5kg – £5.50
  • WEEE Sack/WEEE Sticker 25kg – £21.00
  • Confidential Sack 25kg – £3.95
  • Battery Sack 5kg – £5.30
  • Toner and Cartridge Sack 15kg – £14.50
  • Stationary Sack 5kg – £6.25
  • Textile Recycling Sack 5kg – £12.00
  • Cooking Oil Container/Cooking Oil Sticker – £22.00

Timed Collections

Lambeth Council operates a timed collection More information is available on the council’s website.

Businesses must place their sacks directly outside the front of the business. First Mile operates one collection round between 6pm and 8pm. They also run through the area at 10pm to ensure no bags have been missed.

Posters and Supporting Material

To promote recycling within your business First Mile provide a range of posters and supporting materials: https://thefirstmile.co.uk/recycling-posters

Recycling Reports 

The data sheets provide an overview of teh total amount of recycling achieved by members of teh Clapham BID using the subsidised recycling service provide through our partners First Mile.

December 2020 Recycling Report

November 2020 Recycling Report  

August 2020 Recycling Report